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Keeping Programs Accessible Post-Reopening

Juni 29, 2021 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Vom Vogelschau schaut man auf einem Person, die ein Museumgebäude verlässt
Join Gesso for a series of virtual conversations designed to support the work of museums big and small!

About this event

This event is a part of our Museum Mindshare series of virtual programs. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the following: Visitors with disabilities have greatly benefited from the move to virtual programming during the pandemic. As museums reopen and return to business as usual, how can we continue to provide opportunities for this audience to stay engaged and connected? In this edition of Museum Mindshare we’ll share how we define accessibility broadly and what it means to be truly inclusive. We’ll also brainstorm ways for creating successful hybrid programs in the future.

Ponder in advance: When was a time that you felt grateful for virtual opportunities? When was a time you felt excluded from cultural institutions?

Who: Like-minded museum colleagues from across the country

When: June 29, 12-1pm EST

Where: Zoom

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